The Top 5 Things To Do In Anchorage During The Summer

The Top 5 Things To Do In Anchorage During The Summer

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1. Take the “Denali in a Day” tour

The “Denali in a Day” tour is a must for any sightseer who wants to make the most out of one day in Anchorage. Take advantage of the good weather by experiencing a bird’s eye view of Anchorage. At the beginning of the day, a small plane will pick you up from Merril field and fly you across Denali to the Denali National Park. Soak it all in on this flightseeing trip. Afterwards, the plane will land close to the Chugach Mountains, which on a gorgeous summer day will be a great place for a hike and an even better place to overlook all of Denali. Finally, ends your tour at a hotel of your choice.

2. Go Golfing

The Anchorage Golf Course is the perfect place to unwind in the nice weather. With a huge window of teeing hours — from 5 a.m to 10 p.m, you can literally spend the entire day there. Be ready to spot some moose too.

3. See the Colossal Blossoms

In a summer exclusive event, Anchorage has fields of over 80,000 flowers alongside parks and city streets. Take a romantic stroll into the city, starting at the Anchorage Information Center, and gaze at the almost endless flowers. Then, take the stroll to the Alaska Botanical Garden.

4. Wildlife Watching

Explore the wildlife of Anchorage: from the majestic moose roaming the forests alongside the glorious Alaskan bear or the elusive eagle perched in the trees. Then, take it to the water and to do some whale and otter watching. Feel at one with nature.

5. Anchorage roots

Check out some Anchorage history and see what made the city what it is today. Earthquake Park is where you can experience an earthquake — no, not now, but what is left of one of the most massive earthquakes ever to be felt in Alaska. Afterwards, go to the Log Cabin Visitor Information Center — the city hall of Anchorage and see a free exhibit on early Anchorage.

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